Genuine Leather Watch Strap - Brown & White

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Genuine Cowhide leather, extremely soft and durable, meant to hug your hand.

Strap Length: 125mm + 75mm (20cm Total)


  • 100% Genuine Cowhide Leather Straps
  • Spring Bars
  • Strap Replacement Tool

Compatible with any watch with the measured size, for our models please check below:
Automatic Heritage II - 20mm
Bruges Agility - 24mm
Copenhagen - 20mm
D.O.M. Submariner Special Edition - 20mm
Maritimer IV Chronograph - 22mm
Moderno II - 22mm
Photographer's Edition - 20mm
Sport Chronograph II - 22mm
Stockholm Slim Classic Date - 20mm
Venice Chronograph Special Edition - 22mm